Yartzeit Memorial Wall

The Yartzeit Memorial Wall will honor the memory of your dear departed family members.

Each plaque will be engraved with the name of the deceased, (Hebrew & English), and date of passing on the Jewish and secular calendar. There will be a light next to each plaque, that will be lit during the week of the Yartzeit, on the High Holidays and for all occasions when Yizkor is recited.

The cost of the Yartzeit plaque is $360.

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Please include the following information on the order form:

1. Name of Deceased; Secular
2. Name of Deceased; Hebrew
3. Name of father of deceased; Hebrew
4. Secular day of passing; Month/Day/Year
5. Jewish day of passing; (if known); Month/Day/Year
    note:  we will be happy to help you convert dates from Hebrew to secular and vice versa.