Purim Schedule


Wednesday February 28, Fast of Esther
Shacharis, 7:00 am
Mincha, 5:30 pm
Purim in Persia:
Megillah Reading, 6:30 pm
followed by Purim Persian Feast, Masquerade Contest, Music, & Dancing


Thursday March 1, Purim
Shacharis, 7:00 am
Megillah Reading, 7:45 am


Purim Ad Delo Yoda - Steak Dinner & Scotch Tasting
late Megillah Reading, 5:15 pm
Program, 5:30 pm
* Steak Dinner *
* Scotch Tasting *
* Non-Alcoholic Bar for Kids *
* Live Music *


RSVP Requested for Evening Events @ www.OurShul.org/Purim2018



We will also assist you in making arrangements for additional Megillah readings for groups and individuals. On Purim Day we will be visiting a number of Senior Facilities. Please contact us if your child [dressed in Purim gear] would like to participate and help bring the Purim spirit to others in the community.