Yom Kippur 5780/2019 
Yizkor Book of Remembrance

In advance of the Yizkor prayers to be recited on Yom Kippur, the synagogue will publish a Yizkor Book of Remembrance. It will contain the Yizkor prayers and essays about Yizkor. The book can also be used for the other times during the year when Yizkor is recited.

The book is a fitting way to pay tribute to the memory of our dearly departed relatives and friends. Four names can be listed in the book for a nominal donation of $50, and additional names are $10 each. Any contribution above the minimum would be sincerely appreciated.

Please use this form to list the names to be included in the Yizkor Book of Remembrance. If you participated in the Yizkor Remembrance Book of 2018, you may indicate that you would like to have the same names listed again.

Please submit this form along with your payment by Wednesday September 25.

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Check here if you participated in the 2018 Yizkor Book and there are no changes to those names. You do not need to list their names below. We have the information on file.

To add names to the Book, please provide the information here.  Please provide us with as much information as possible, including the person's first name, Hebrew name, and last name. 
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Yartzeit Memorial Wall Plaques

If you would like a Yartzeit Plaque to be installed on the beautiful Yartzeit Memorial Wall in time for the High Holidays, now is the time to place your order. For orders placed between now and the High Holidays, a listing in the Yizkor Book of Remembrance [see above] will be provided at no cost. For more information and to order a plaque, please call our office, 301-926-3632, or click here: Yartzeit Memorial Wall information.