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Please fill out this form to make seat reservations for Rosh Hashana and/or Yom Kippur, for sponsoring High Holiday & Sukkot events, and purchasing your Lulov & Etrog set.

Please note:
Our High Holiday Services are open to all and we encourage everyone to participate. Non reserved open seating is also available.

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High Holiday Seat Reservations & Information

The donation for a reserved seat is $150 per adult; $50 per child, ages 12 and under.

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For reserved seating only, please list the names of attendees. For children reservations please include their ages*

note: Children will be assigned to the appropriate children’s program and will not be assigned a seat in the synagogue. If you want your child to be assigned a seat in the synagogue, the reservation price is that of an adult.

High Holidays Sponsorship Opportunities

Please click on the item that you would like to sponsor. If you would like to sponsor an additional item, include it in the note box below.

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Additional High Holidays Donations:
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Lulav & Etrog sets:
Please reserve for me a Lulav & Etrog set @$55

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