Hey There! Listen Up!
by Mrs. Esther Serebryanski


Hey there!  It's me!

It’s not easy.

I’m a girl,

slowly becoming a woman.


My body says so.

my voice,

my movements,

my thinking,

my feelings.

My emotions go twirling, swirling around,

not always happily landing.


So what shall I do?

I’m not just a clothes hanger;

I’m not just a blah-blah machine.

How can I make sense of my silly and serious senses?


Hey there!  I'm Jewish!

From Moshe to Moshiach,

no one can stop us.




We go on.

We’ll reach our goal.


We’re connected to the Eternal One.

He chose us,

He loves us,

He watches over us.

He especially created me

and you

and you.

Inside He hid

special talents,

unique abilities,

and, most vitally,

a holy soul.

There’s no one else just like me

or you

or you.


Listen, Listen!

The words of G‑d are guidelines.

The Torah,

the prophets,

the sages.

Listen, Listen!

With heart,

with soul,

with mind.

His teachings guide the girl I am.

I don’t always understand.

But I trust,

I believe,

I know He’s here.

I live His will, making my soul shine.

Lighting me,

Lighting all about me.


Hey there!

I’m becoming

      A Jewish Woman.



Mrs. Serebryanski read this to her granddaughter, Bracha Raichik, during her Bas Mitzvah celebration.  She gives her permission to share this poem.