• Community Family Shabbat DinnerFriday February 3 RSVP Required - click here
  • Tu B'Shvat Cook-OffSunday Feb. 5, 7:30 PM. Ladies! Come show your creativity in the kitchen while celebrating the New Year for Trees. RSVP requested - click here.
  • JLI's Book Smart begins Monday January 16 & Wednesday January 18
  • The Jewish WomanThe Jewish Woman is a site dedicated to providing Jewish women of all backgrounds intellectually challenging, emotionally uplifting and inspirationally stimulating articles. Read More
  • 16 Myths & Facts About Judaism & Jewish PeopleHere are some of the greatest and most persistent myths about Judaism and the Jewish people. How... Read More
  • From Rescuing Seals to Reviving SoulsAs an exchange student to Germany I knew all about the Berlin Wall, but nothing about the Western... Read More
  • Why Are Tefillin From Animal Hide?Here are two explanations that the mystics give as to why tefillin needs to be made of leather. Read More
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And Abraham approached G‑d and said: “. . . It behooves You not to do such a thing, to slay the righteous with the wicked . . . Shall the Judge of all the earth not act justly?”
Genesis 18:25
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