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Shavous Events & Schedule

Shavous Events & Schedule



The 10 commandments


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Shavuot Eve Happy Hour
Tuesday May 30, 7 pm 

Wine, Cheese & Crackers, and Study
followed by Mincha/Maariv, 8:15 pm


Shavuot Night Torah Study
Tuesday May 30, 11:30 pm
continues into the wee hours of the morning. Stay as long as you can. Plenty of refreshments and coffee in abundance to keep you learning!


Be in the synagogue
as we relive
the giving of the Torah

Wednesday May 31 
YomTov Services, 9:30 am
Reading of The Ten Commandments, 11 am

Parents, bring your children!!!
Children, bring your parents!!!

Sundaes on Sunday
Ice Cream Bar for the kids
Shavuot dairy buffet for all

Kiddush is sponsored by Ilene Van Houter,
in memory of her husband, Rickey J. Van Houter

Mincha/Maariv, 8:15 pm

Thursday June 1 
YomTov Services, 9:30 am
Shavuot Yizkor, 11:30 am

Mincha/Maariv, 8:15 pm