Shabbat Kiddush Sponsorship Calendar

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Date Parsha Sponsor
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March 3/Adar 16 Ki Tisa David & Shelia Lazar 
March 10/Adar 23 Vayakhel-Pekudei kiddush K Anonymous
ice cream party  I Albert & Doryss Amar
March 17/Nissan 1 Vayikra Chana Raichik
March 24/Nissan 8 Tzav Jessica Matosko
March 31/Nissan 15 Pesach  
April 7/Nissan 22 Pesach  
April 14/Nissan 29 Shemini kiddush K Anonymous
ice cream party  I 
April 21/Iyar 6 Tazria-Metzora  
April 28/Iyar 13 Acharei-Kedoshim Paul & Julie Nisson 
May 5/Iyar 20 Emor  
May 12/Iyar 27 Behar-Bechukotai kiddush K 
ice cream party  I 
May 19/Sivan 5 Bamidbar  
May 26/Sivan 12 Nasso  
June 2/Sivan 19 Behaalotecha  
June 9/Sivan 26 Shlach  
June 16/Tammuz 3 Korach  
June 23/Tammuz 10 Chukat  
June 30/Tammuz 17 Balak  
July 7/Tammuz 24 Pinchas  
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