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Day Trip to New York City

Day Trip to New York City



Chanukah in the Big Apple
Day Trip to New York City by Coach Bus 
See a world where it's Chanukah and not December 25!
Highlights include:
The Rebbe’s Ohel
w Matzah Bakery w Judaica Shopping & Restaurants 
w Jewish Art Gallery & Library of Manuscripts 
w Jewish Scribe of Torah, Teffilin, & Mezzuzot w Much More!   

Date:  Monday December 25 
Time:  6:30 AM - 10:30 PM (approx)
Price:  $60/person 
RSVP:  RESERVATIONS REQUIRED.  Deadline is Tues. Dec. 19  
           301-926-3632 or  click here for reservation form 

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